Friday, June 6, 2014

Let It Go


its been awhile i didnt update my blog...starts from that last week until today so much things that happen in my birthday,my new job,my new friends and someone that i... its been so hard to through all this many tears came out,i tried to be a strong girl.i tried to pretend that nothing happened.but at the end..i couldnt lie to myself,im so hurt,im so sad,i felt alone,no one besides me,no one asking me whether im alright or not.

but something big just happened is the day that im waiting for almost 1 year..even i cried a lot but at last im grateful that im see it by myself..someone that i...came to my house with his love one..i tried to pretend that im feel nothing at all.since they start to go,my tears slowly falling down,i couldnt control myself,my mouth keep saying 'Allahuakhbar' because i feel there's strength inside me everytime i said 'Allahuakhbar'

at that time,i feel like im nothing,empty,i feel so hurt,theres' no meaning in my life..but there's one thing in my mind.get the wuduk and pray to Allah,,Allah always listening.we were never be alone..i feel some peaceful after wuduk and that time i just realize that life is too short to always crying for something are not meant for me so just redha with what happen to me,i just pray for their happiness with full of my heart.i just hope that i can forget him as soon as posibble or i can just lost my memory..

i could lie to myself that i loved him so much,maybe he's not meant to be mine but thats okay..i can loved him in my heart..keeps smile and move on..let the past be past and i dont want to delete ours memory..let its stayed in my heart and my mind until the time (for me to let go) came.

sincerely aidan...

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