Monday, November 24, 2014

The Secrets of Maybank2u That Will Make You Suprised


i would like to share to you something interesting and useful for your daily life.u can use all of its services in your daily activities. what i want to share to you rite now is THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY MAYBANK2U.. I guess there is people out there still don't know the services provided by Maybank2u except transferring and online bill payment..

here i want to show to you all of the product provided by Maybank2u .. just watch the picture below

the homepage of Maybank2u

the examples of online bank transfer

Golden Savings using the shariah principle of Mudharabah

Maybank2u on the Play Store

For other inquiries u can go trough their website or just call their Maybank Group Customer Care at 1300 88 6688 or +603 7844 3696..OMG i almost forgot..this is a reminder from me and Maybank2u..DONT BE A VICTIM OF EMAIL OR SMS FROUD!! hurry dial +603 5891 4744 if u get email or sms that need you to give your information to them..thanks for reading my entry

Sunday, November 23, 2014



Spend your time for about 5 minutes to go trough our company promotion below..if you have any inquiries kindly contact me at 019-4563410 or just wassap me at 019-4332575.. TQ

for your information, our company have an experience installing CCTV System, supplying Watchman Digital Clocking, Alarm System and Punch Card System for school,house and building almost around the Peninsular Zone and the latest is Sarawak Zone.. we are 100% Bumiputra Company

Friday, November 21, 2014

Proud To Be Me

today im wake up early in the morning...get my towel and go the bathroom as usual..when im looking into my self in the asking myself..why am i should be in this problem??why am i blamed by the others because of someone liar..why??what have i done to him??how big my fault that makes him repay me in this way??

im talking to myself..although i keep on silent..its doesnt meant that im the wrong the one who should be blamed because of all this..what i could say is..Allah is always be with me..I put my trust on day He will show the truth behind all of this..i trust Him..He give me strength to keep smile,laugh and trough my life even at the some point i feels like my life is lifeless,my life getting harder from day to day..mungkin kat dunia ni kebenaran tu takkan muncul dan mungkin kat dunia ni everyone put the blame on me..tapi aku percaya dengan kuasa Allah Taala,..Dia Maha Mengetahui..satu hari nanti Allah akan tunjukkan kebenarannya.aku akan bersabar dan teruskan dengan kehidupan aku macam biasa like nothing happen..

cuma aku harap dengan apa yang dah jadi ni..dya takkan cari aku atau cuba contact aku..please..aku pun nak bahagia macam orang lain..aku pun ada keinginan to get married..have a lovely husband that loves me,have a beautiful baby girl and a handsome baby boy..beri aku peluang untuk mencintai lelaki lain dan menerima insan lain dalam hidup aku..u throw me out like a rubbish,dont you ever come back to me with your nonsenses excuses..

for now,i put everything to Allah..Allah knows the best for me..Allah loves me..Allah always be with me..i know that..

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


its been a long while since i did not update my blog..busy with my daily life now..its full of works,tension,and the biggest things is PROBLEM. Im so depressed..i just dont know what should i do..cant i faced all that thing??how can i solved all that problem?? while im busying thinking bout my problems,somethings makes remind me how sweet of my memories during my am i grow up from semester 1 until semester 6..there is so much fun but at sometimes the pains came..

i have already forgotten that i have all that memories picture in my lovely just trough it one by one and when i reached at the some point,i admitted that how i missed it so much..

this pic when i was 2 years old i think..

this picture is when i was 21..its my pre-graduation day when im was semester 6

this is when my 2nd day last practical at Hotel Seri Malaysia SP..when i saw this pic..its remind me how much the pain i get in that 5 proud with myself..and thanks to you coz make me stronger from day to day until my last day practical.

my first and only achievement that i got from semester 1 until semester not proud of myself but im proud with someone who help me a lot..give me an idea how to do a presentation,the one who help me completed my project..thank you..

my lovely classmate DBS 1B-DBS 6B

its so funny when i saw this picture..the guy who stand next to my bff is my crush..i admired him a lot..not because of his looks but his leadership during when our class visiting UUM. i do not remember his name.but he is the good guy..

this picture taken when we were practicing of our presentation for pre graduation..i missed all of themm..especially my bff..azri..dayah..shima and zira..hope u guys doing well..i miss u...

the guy who sitting next to me is the purcahsing officer,,sorry..i did not remember ur name..the pretty lady is my Sales Executive..Puan Liza..she so nice and a lovely mother and wife..and the guy who standing next to her is sales practical friend..

me with nur azri..and the picture is her artwork..its pretty right?

when we get bored and stressed because of our final project for semester 6,we usually go to azri's room and forced her to draw on our hand like this..oh i missed to fallen to sleep while she is busying drawing henna on my hand..

this is my bff..zira..she has a brightest smile ever..hahaha

she is my beautiful ex roomate,the sweetest friend and a cheerful person..she will make all people around her laughing with her stupid missed u iera bella
its sweet right??someone washed all of my shoes and put this on that shoes..he is someone special for me from the last year until now..

this picture taken when i was at Pantai Bersih..i loved this place so much because that is a lot of my memories...this is the one things that i missed the most..the one things that i loved so much..

me with annys..we were having our shisha at this time..ahaks

from your left..azri,dayah,me and shima..i do not remember what event of this.but all i remember is all class of semester 1 to semester 6 from all of classes of account,business and secretary are joining this event..

this is when i was ugly i am..

may Allah blessed all the person in this picture..i missed u all so much..may all of you doing well on your works,your study and have a lovely husband/wife..aminn

Saturday, June 14, 2014

7 Eleven


today i have starting my new jo..actually its not my first day because i have been working at the same company but at different is 7 Eleven shop...since it nearly to my house so i just take 5 minutes early from my house to the 7e shop.on my first day at 7 Eleven Laguna,the works that they give to me not so much different my old 7e at Central Square but since this 7e much bigger than the old 7e and this 7e is a corporate,so there is so much things that i have to clean up at their procedure actually 90% exactly same like the old 7e..

what am i want to story here is..the store manager,the staff were so friendly,they makes me feel comfortable to worked there its makes me feels sad because i will be leave the 7e for the new branch that will be opened this 18 June.i hope everything will be fine.about my new 7e(Laguna),the surrounding,working environment,were totally different woth my old my old 7e,our staff are not allowed to eat 7e things and we have tobuy the outsider food and we have 1 hour break for every 12 hours my new 7e,our staff are allowed to eat in 7e and buy 7e food.i think that is an advantage for working with corporate 7e.

7e company will open their new branch and i think not only at area kedah but also the entire malaysia so for those who still seeking for a job,why not you joined our company and make your days full of funs.GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Let It Go


its been awhile i didnt update my blog...starts from that last week until today so much things that happen in my birthday,my new job,my new friends and someone that i... its been so hard to through all this many tears came out,i tried to be a strong girl.i tried to pretend that nothing happened.but at the end..i couldnt lie to myself,im so hurt,im so sad,i felt alone,no one besides me,no one asking me whether im alright or not.

but something big just happened is the day that im waiting for almost 1 year..even i cried a lot but at last im grateful that im see it by myself..someone that i...came to my house with his love one..i tried to pretend that im feel nothing at all.since they start to go,my tears slowly falling down,i couldnt control myself,my mouth keep saying 'Allahuakhbar' because i feel there's strength inside me everytime i said 'Allahuakhbar'

at that time,i feel like im nothing,empty,i feel so hurt,theres' no meaning in my life..but there's one thing in my mind.get the wuduk and pray to Allah,,Allah always listening.we were never be alone..i feel some peaceful after wuduk and that time i just realize that life is too short to always crying for something are not meant for me so just redha with what happen to me,i just pray for their happiness with full of my heart.i just hope that i can forget him as soon as posibble or i can just lost my memory..

i could lie to myself that i loved him so much,maybe he's not meant to be mine but thats okay..i can loved him in my heart..keeps smile and move on..let the past be past and i dont want to delete ours memory..let its stayed in my heart and my mind until the time (for me to let go) came.

sincerely aidan...

Sunday, May 18, 2014



sejuk betul cuaca hari ni..dari tengah hari tadi hujan lebat,tengah sedap menghayati hujan yang turun membasahi bumi teringat aku bout something..something that just happened when i was in semester 6.quite funny but there's a sadness bit..semua ni berlaku dalam mukabuku..aku tak kata mukabuku tu tak baik depends on the person those used it..there is a few question that someone asking me

1. ' don't you ever feel angry with them?' 'if she really treat you like her sister,she won't do that things to you'

.ok let me tell you okey..there's no reason for me to be angry with them coz if i really love him,why should i let him go or in the other word i dump him? i just wanna let him get the best for him coz im not the best for him n now he already get it and the person is my sister so why should i being angry with them? think about it..well i really love her like my own sister,i would be happy if she happy coz all i know is she's had trough the hard time in her life,so why not Allah give her what exactly she should get.and i think they looks like a loving couple..

2. 'tak ada rasa dendam ka kat diorang?'
dendam??hmmm..setakat ni la aku takda lagi la dendam kat sesiapa pun sebab aku pun dah bahagia dengan life aku..aku ada mama ngan abah yg loving couple gitu yang sayangkan aku,aku ada abang dan adik2 yang sangat melindungi aku,nasihat aku apa yang patut aku buat,aku ada si'dia' yang selalu bagi kata-kata positif kat aku,tolong aku buat asignment(kekadang jadi kamus bergerak aku),aku ada kwan2 yang sangat caring tentang aku,dan yang paling penting aku ada Allah SWT yang sayang sangat dengan aku,yang sangat memahami suka duka aku,nak tawu sebab apa aku cakap mcm tu sebab bila aku sedih ja,hujan mesti akan turun,bila aku tengok hujan turun,aku akan rasa ketenangan dalam hati aku nak apa lagi?biarkan la diorang bahagia(sebab aku pun bukan sayang pun kat dya tu.maybe cinta monyet kot dulu.hihi)

3.taknak getting back dengan dia ka?
ya Allah..soalan ni yang aku paling suka sebab korang mesti dah boleh agak siapa yang tanya..haha..dear..kalau la saya nak pergi balik kat dya buat apa saya tinggalkan dya dulu?cuba fikir sebab apa saya tinggalkan dya?nak buat apa kita kacau orang tengah bahagia..biarkan lah..saya ada hidup saya sendiri dan saya pun dah ada orang yang saya sayang,lebih baik saya fokuskan kepada orang yang saya sayang..dok gitu?

well apa yang aku update ni takda niat nak guriskan hati sesiapa pun cuma sekadar luahan hati masa hujan-hujan ni.rasa-rasanya jawapan ni dah cukup kot wahai Mr.M??kan??hihi..please don't be mad of me coz i'm very cute lover..mueheheheeheh..assalamualaikum

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Semakan Kemasukan Ke IPTA,Politeknik Premier/Konvensional/METro lepasan SPM 2013

Assalamualaikum. . .

link untuk Semakan Kemasukan Ke IPTA,Politeknik Premier/Konvensional/METro lepasan SPM 2013
SALURAN 1 (untuk poli konvens/metro,aku syorkan klik link ni)

aku ni bangun la pepagi buta sebab nak check result upu adik aku..nebes jugak la kalo poli pon dya tak dpat..isau aku dengan budak ni tapi dya boleh relax ja.tengok la tu,dok membuta lagi.ish geram aku dengan budak ni.mama aku,aku tengah sedap dibuai mimpi terdengar phone vibrate siapa lagi kalau bukan my beloved mummy..dya suruh aku check kat laman upu sebab result politeknik dah keluar.aku pun pegi la kat meja dengan mata yang kuyu pergi la kat bookmark sebab aku dah simpan siap2 page upu ni sebab aku malas dah nak taip panjang2..laptop aku kekadang mengada jugak,tekan punya tekan haqam tak lekat pun.

ok..sambung balik,pastu aku pun pergi la kat upu,takda la pulak..aku nak bebal dah la ni.tanpa berputus asa aku pun pergi la kat laman web POLITEKNIK MALAYSIA haa kat situ barula aku boleh check.lega aku adik aku dapat poli..cuak jugak aku kalau2 dya tak dapat..aku just terfikirkan 1 jalan ja kalau dya tak dapat poli krajaan,aku akn apply untuk dya kat KPTM . kat situ yuran dya takla semahal yuran IPTS yang lain dan dya pun ada connection dgn UiTM kalau result adik aku bagus boleh dya sambung degree kat Uitm nanti.

salah aku jugak sebab tak alert dengan adik aku,kalau tak boleh dah mohon pra diploma kat dya.takpalah..bukan rezeki dya agaknya..takpa..gagal sekali tak bermakna gagal selamanya kan?ingat lagi aku penah dapat markah paling rendah dalam microeconomics 7/100 bakhang..gila tak gila..time tu kan otak kat science lagi tetiba p kat business mau tak jem otak aku,last aku blajar economy pun msa tingkatan 3 nuh dengan Puan Salmah(tiap2 kali kelas dya aku mesti kena marah sebab banyak berangan,main banyak,lukisan buruk,kerja skolah tak siap)tapi markat 7/100 tu la yang aku ingat setiap kali aku nak amek Test or Quiz bukan untuk subjek tu ja tapi untuk semua subjek.malu tak malu mau tau arr aku sorang ja yang dapat rendah macam tu.

kepada adik2 yang nak study tu,study la betul2 yer..jangan jadi mcm akk,lepas SPM baru nak pulun..adik aku kira ok lagi la takda D..aku dari A sampai ke E..semua aku sapu..ha hambek..tengah rancak dok menaip tak sedar dah nak pukul 10 pagi dah..rumah tak kemas lagi ni.hari ni sambutan hari guru kat sekolah.SELAMAT HARI GURU KEPADA SEMUA CIKGU CEKGI,LECTURER YANG PERNAH MENGAJAR SAYA.TERIMA KASIH DIATAS ILMU YANG TELAH KALIAN BAGI.SEMOGA ALLAH MERAHMATI KALIAN SEMUA..assalamualaikum

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Result Final Exam aku-OHH TIDAK!!


selepas berminggu-minggu tunggu result exam akhirnya malam ni keluar la sudah result final exam..syukur alhamdulillah akhirnya aku dapat jugak konvo skali dengan kawan2 aku bulan Mac tahun depan.masa nak masukkan num IC dengan number matrik tu,aku punya pakinson bukan main lagi..tangan sejuk,jantung dup dap dup dap mcm nak pecah gayanya.masa nak tekan ENTER tu jari ni jangan kata la..terketar-ketar mcm nak akad nikah..takut punya pasal..yalah..sapa tak takut..dah semester 6 kan..sapa yang nak gagal paper masa semester 6??mesti semua nak grad dengan kawan2,nak kerja,sambung belajar lagi..

syukur alhamdulillah..selepas harungi onak duri sebagai seorang pelajar,aku sekarang dah officially graduated from Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin..tak payah dah nak hadap muka pak gad yang tah apa2 tu..mungkin result aku tak sebagus dan secantik kawan-kawan aku..aku pun tak target sebab sem ni memang aku tak rasa aku boleh pergi sebab subjek calculation and honestly otak aku bukan laa otak kira-kira mcm yang aku selalu cakap 'bodo math'..haa tu aku la tu..

sedih tu tetap ada sebab...ermm biarla rahsia..bak kata nlkp..kan dah lulus semua,,pointer pun cantik,ok la tu..bersyukur la sebab tak kena repeat,boleh konvo dengan kawan2..sekarang tak payah fikir apa,tutup laptop pastu pergi tido..ha yalah wahai jantung hati..betul jugak tu..buat apa nak bersedihkan?Allah dah bagi cukup bagus dah..

sekarang boleh la aku tido dengan nyenyak,mimpi yang indah2 bak lagu Arjuna Beta-Fynn Jamal tu kan..esok bleyh makan puas-puas..keluar dengan penuh ketenangan..hati pun takda rasa resah gelisah..taknak la bagitau pointer aku kat sini..wat malu ja..lau nak tengok jugak,tengok diam2  kat SINI jangn cerita kat sesapa pun..hihi..

kepada kawan-kawan tahniah yer..jumpa korang masa kenduri kawen fiqa nanti..hehe

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Keputusan Peperiksaan Akhir Sesi Disember 2013

Keputusan peperiksaan akhir politeknik sesi disember 2013 boleh disemak mualai 15 Mei 2014 menggunakan link dibawah..aku ambik ni kat poli perlis,yang mana poli lain tukorang check la kat laman web poli korang ekh.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kalau Aku Kaya

Kalau aku kaya..ada berbillion-billion dalam akaun bank aku..ada 3 perkara yang aku nak buat.

1.Penuhi kemahuan keluarga aku
Aku nak hantar mama dengan abah aku ke Mekah buat haji dengan umrah tiap-tiap tahun.aku nak belikan phone yang paling mahal dekat mama dengan abah aku..kalau adik aku yang bongsu tu beli phone cikai dah la.baru 6 tahun umur dya.aku nak belikan adik2 aku tiap2 sorang Ipad dengan Iphone 6.ha amek kau.latest punya!aku akan tunaikan setiap permintaan adik2 aku.nak pergi Genting?Legoland?Disneyland?semua aku bawak pergi.heh

2.Nak wujudkan rumah kebajikan
Aku nak bawak semua pakcik-pakcik,makcik-makcik,atok,nenek,adik-adik yang takda tempat tinggal duduk kat sesuatu tempat.kat tempat tu aku nak buat rumah,aku nak buat sekolah,shopping mall,kedai makan n macam-macam lagi.semuanya PERCUMA untuk diorang.

3.Nak bina tempat untuk binatang
Aku nak bina pusat haiwan khas untuk haiwan-haiwan yang takda tempat tinggal,takda makanan.kat situ aku nak buat tempat untuk haiwan-haiwan tu berteduh,makan,pusat rawatan haiwan dan macam-macam lagi.haiwan apa yang nak duduk situ?tak kisah.anjing pun boleh sebab banyak anjing yang takda tempat tinggal dan makanan kan?

Kalau laa aku kaya,aku nak buat 3 benda kat atas tu.kalau la ditakdirkan satu hari nanti aku jadi jutawan ka aku harap aku tak lupa 3 benda kat atas(angan-angan mat jenin)..