Friday, November 21, 2014

Proud To Be Me

today im wake up early in the morning...get my towel and go the bathroom as usual..when im looking into my self in the asking myself..why am i should be in this problem??why am i blamed by the others because of someone liar..why??what have i done to him??how big my fault that makes him repay me in this way??

im talking to myself..although i keep on silent..its doesnt meant that im the wrong the one who should be blamed because of all this..what i could say is..Allah is always be with me..I put my trust on day He will show the truth behind all of this..i trust Him..He give me strength to keep smile,laugh and trough my life even at the some point i feels like my life is lifeless,my life getting harder from day to day..mungkin kat dunia ni kebenaran tu takkan muncul dan mungkin kat dunia ni everyone put the blame on me..tapi aku percaya dengan kuasa Allah Taala,..Dia Maha Mengetahui..satu hari nanti Allah akan tunjukkan kebenarannya.aku akan bersabar dan teruskan dengan kehidupan aku macam biasa like nothing happen..

cuma aku harap dengan apa yang dah jadi ni..dya takkan cari aku atau cuba contact aku..please..aku pun nak bahagia macam orang lain..aku pun ada keinginan to get married..have a lovely husband that loves me,have a beautiful baby girl and a handsome baby boy..beri aku peluang untuk mencintai lelaki lain dan menerima insan lain dalam hidup aku..u throw me out like a rubbish,dont you ever come back to me with your nonsenses excuses..

for now,i put everything to Allah..Allah knows the best for me..Allah loves me..Allah always be with me..i know that..

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